Our customer card for you

You profit from many additional benefits when you have the Dr. Beckers Central Apotheke customer card.
All services offered by the customer card are free of charge.

One cardmany advantages

3% discount on non-prescription preparations
You save hard cash: You receive a 3% discount with each purchase of all over-the-counter medicines. Cosmetics and body care products are naturally also discounted. 

Annual summary
We relieve you of the tedious job of collecting receipts. We automatically register your receipts and, when requested, provide you with an overview to present to your health insurer or tax office. 

Optimal medication management
Our customer card allows us to know precisely which medications you are taking. We see immediately if any interactions or overdoses are possible.  

Proof of exemption
We register your proof of exemption one time. We then know if the exemption is still valid whenever you make a purchase. 

Data security above all!

We treat your data very sensitively and store such data only in the framework of the use of our customer card. We never pass such information on to third parties. The use of our customer card requires only the following limited information: 

  • Name and address
  • Your health insurer
  • And your consent to use this information

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