Formulations – we make them just for you

We at Dr. Beckers Central Apotheke still make a number of medicinal products ourselves – either individually as a formulation for you as our customer or because no comparable, sufficiently effective product is available. We follow a particular formula to combine a number of active substances that are available in the pharmacy in raw form. In particular, we prepare formulations on the basis of your doctor’s prescriptions.

Preparing formulations, or making medicines, is a special area in each pharmacy. The pharmacist’s earlier job description strongly emphasized the production of ointments, pills, suppositories, solutions and other medicines. 

Today we increasingly produce formulations in order to treat you individually as a patient. These medicines that we make ourselves are especially important for skin diseases and in paediatrics. Special tea mixtures are likewise a part of our formulation creation processes. 

We make ointments and creams with our computer-aided Topi-Tec equipment, or we make them completely by hand using the classic method.