We are your partner in matters of health, and we are happy to provide you with the information you would like to have on medicinal products and medicinal product safety. Our extensive range comprises everything that you need to improve your wellbeing, from classic medicines to cosmetic products. You can be sure of expert advice and reliable supplies in each of these areas.  

Classic medicinal products and medication management

We offer you the full range of medicinal products that are approved in Germany and we provide you with...


Formulations – we make them just for you

We at Dr. Beckers Central Apotheke still make a number of medicinal products ourselves – either individually as a...


Naturopathy and homeopathic substances

We offer you products that satisfy the wish for gentle medicine, without side-effects if possible. Naturopathy...


Medical Cannabis

Cannabis flowers and cannabis extract have been approved as prescription medicines since March 2017. Both of the...


Cosmetics and wellness products

The skin is one of our most important organs. Only the best is good enough for its care. At Dr. Beckers Central...