The digital vaccination certificate and the vaccination card -
your proof of vaccination for when you are out and about

The digital proof of vaccination

The digital proof of vaccination is a convenient way to scan your vaccination status into the CovPass app or the Corona Warnapp (contact tracing app) and have it with you. It is an interoperable and standardized proof of vaccination designed to facilitate travel between EU countries.
Vaccinated users will receive a 2D barcode at our pharmacy, which they can take with them and scan in one of the aforementioned apps later. The app stores the vaccination certificate only locally on the smartphone. It will show full vaccination protection 14 days after the last necessary vaccination.

Please keep the QR code you receive so you can scan it again if needed (e.g., if you change your phone).

More info on your digital proof of vaccination:

  • Negative tests or a prior coronavirus infection can also be saved as a test certificate or certificate of recovery. Provide certificate of prior coronavirus infection. 
  • If required, the certificates of relatives can also be managed. 
  • The certificates can be used EU-wide as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and 
  • The proof of vaccination by means of the analogue vaccination card (the familiar 
    "yellow booklet") is still possible and valid.

Further information from the RKI on proof of vaccination and the apps used can be found at this link:

The vaccination card

The vaccination card is the proof of vaccination in credit card format and works entirely without a smartphone. On its back is the same QR code as in the official CovPass app or Corona-Warn-App. It is recognized throughout the EU and can be read by all official scanning apps used in the EU.

As a partner pharmacy of the vaccination card, we generate an official QR code that confirms your vaccination. This is displayed on the vaccination card and can be read just like in digital apps. Your benefit: You don’t need your smartphone and still have the proof of vaccination with you at all times in the convenient card format. Each card cost EUR 9.90.

The basis for the vaccination card is the digital vaccination certificate, which you can have created at any time at Dr. Beckers Central Pharmacy. Once we have scanned it, we only need the correct delivery address to have your personal vaccination card produced. You will usually receive it within seven week days.

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